Date Posted : 2/28/2017 11:10:24 AM
Posted by : Ashley.Kim@ColoradoCollege.edu
Subject : Help out the community by nominating CBL courses!!

Abstract :

Have you taken any courses focused on community-based learning? 
CBL courses promote student learning and meet community needs. 
If so, please email either a syllabus or brief course description to 

Full Message :

The CCE needs your input to build a list of community-based learning (CBL) courses to 
promote to students! What is community-based learning? CBL is experiential education that 
simultaneously  and in roughly equal balance  promotes student learning and meets 
community needs. CBL courses must meet the following two criteria.

1. The course incorporates an experience or project that directly interacts with, and 
benefits, communities beyond the campus.  This community component may include an 
experience that seeks to address a mutually-defined community need and/or a research 
project that seeks to co-create solutions to complex social challenges. 
2. Community-based work is an integral component of the course, enhancing and enhanced 
by knowledge from the curriculum.  The course provides structured opportunities for 
students to learn from the experience, and academic assessment evaluates this learning; 
credit is not given solely for participation in community work.
To nominate a course to be tagged as CBL, please email either a syllabus, or the course 
title/professor/description of CBL project to jordan.radke@coloradocollege.edu.