Date Posted : 4/9/2017 9:15:32 AM
Posted by : Laurie.Mozingo@ColoradoCollege.edu
Subject : Want a Massage?

Abstract :

Our onsite massage program continues on Tuesday’s.  If you are
interested in a massage you can book an appointment now in increments 
of 15 minutes ($1/minute).

Open link for more details.

Full Message :

If you want to try a chair massage, follow these easy steps to sign-up:
1.       Copy and paste the link provided below into your browser
2.       Select the "Schedule Now" button on the right
3.       Select the service you want on left, for example "15 Minute Massage"
4.       Choose your facility location on the right (Colorado College)
5.       Select the date on the calendar that you would like to schedule
6.       Select the time that you would like to schedule
7.       Follow a few simple registration steps to create your profile (or 
if you are already registered)
8.       Click the orange “Book It” button
9.       You will receive a confirmation email and reminder about your
Copy and Paste this link into your browser:
The cost is $1/minute (15 minute minimum).  The massage therapists will take
payment day of massage and they take cash/check/credit cards (tips completely
at your discretion).
If you book a massage, it will be in the Worner Building, Room #116 (with
privacy screen).
Please note that this is being piloted as a convenience for employees and
massage time is not paid work time.