Date Posted : 2/22/2017 8:03:59 AM
Posted by : Laurie.Mozingo@ColoradoCollege.edu
Subject : Register for Biometric Screening by Next Tuesday!

Abstract :

Benefits-eligible employees, CC Retirees, and spouses who did not
participate in the Oct biometric can register through Tuesday Feb 28 
for the Mar 16th biometric screening in Slocum Commons.   PLEASE, 
PLEASE open link below and read ALL before registering!  It is 
lengthy but should answer your eligibility and registration questions.

Full Message :

Register now for the March 16th biometric screening in Slocum Commons!  

You can register online or via telephone (online results are only available 
with online registration).

Colorado College/Cigna Health Plan will cover the cost for benefits-eligible
Employees, CC Retirees, and their spouses/partners to participate in the basic 
biometric screening (a $46/per person value)! 
The basic biometric screening includes height and weight measurements to 
provide a calculated Body Mass Index, blood pressure, and a blood draw to
screen for cholesterol (LDL, HDL) and glucose.
You must fast for at least 9 hours prior to your blood draw to participate.  
While fasting you should have nothing but water and any prescribed medications.

Additional tests will be available AT PARTICIPANT EXPENSE --- please note that 
the registration site will say they are free – they are not.  Costs for
additional tests are:

•       Complete Blood Count -- $18.00
•       A1C -- $14.00
•       Liver -- $41.00
•       Vitamin D -- $30.00
•       PSA (for men 40 and older only )-- $12.00

Registration Instructions are below and full, detailed registration 
instructions with screenshots are available on the benefits website:
www.mybensite.com/coloradocollege (under the wellness tab)or by request to Gina 
Lujan (gina.lujan@coloradocollege.edu).

•    Call 855-623-9355 (you will need the registration key:  
•    If the operator cannot find you with your name (the name on your CC Cigna 
ID card) tell him/her that you are a spouse
•    Please note that if you are told fasting is optional, it is not.  YOU MUST 
•    Please note that if you are told additional tests are free, they are not.  
Charges for additional tests are listed above!

•    Copy and Paste this web address into your browser:
     o    https://my.questforhealth.com/login
•    Click the ‘Register Now’ link
     o    This is a new Quest portal this year, so ALL participants will be new 
participants and will be required to create a new username and password (PLEASE 
     o    Enter the registration key:  coloradocollege2017
•    Complete the fields on the ‘CONFIRM ELIGIBILITY’ page
     o    If you are in CC’s Cigna health plan, enter your first and last names 
as they appear on your Cigna card
     o    If you are not in the Cigna health plan, enter your legal first and 
last name
     o    If you get a red pop-up error message, choose ‘spouse (not an 
employee)’ in the relationship field and it should go away
     o    Be sure to check the boxes for participant consent and authorization 
for disclosure and ‘register’
     o    Save the username and password you create so you can access your 
     o    Click Continue
•    Complete all of the fields on the ‘ENTER YOUR INFORMATION’ page; click
•    Answer all of the health questions on the Health & Wellness Page (note 
that “I prefer not to answer” is an option); click Finish
•    Receive notice that site registration is complete; wait while the system
redirects to another page for setting your appointment
•    Look at the ‘what is a wellness screening’ and the ‘why should I 
participate’ links then choose ‘Get Started’
•    Click the ‘Participate Now’ link
•    Choose whether you will participate onsite 3/16/17 or at a Quest Lab 
between now and March 31st; click Next
•    Follow the instructions to choose the date/time for your appointment (if 
at a lab, choose the lab you want then choose appointment date/time); click Next
•    You do not have to choose the basic biometric screening,  that is assumed 
if you are registering
•    Choose any additional tests you want … REMEMBER, THEY ARE NOT FREE even
though the registration site indicates they are!; click Next
•    Check the details of your appointment and CONFIRM your appointment (you 
will receive an order confirmation).  Please note that you are not registered 
until you receive the confirmation!

If something changes and you cannot attend your scheduled appointment, please 
go back into the site with your username and password and cancel your 
appointment so the time is available for someone else.  Please arrive for your 
appointment no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled time.

Active employees will receive a $25 gift card for participating.  Employees who 
are also participants in CC’s Cigna Health Plan will receive another $25 gift 
card for completing the Health Assessment once their results are back!

Please remember you must fast for a minimum of 9 hours before your screening. 
You should continue to drink water and take any prescribed medications while