Date Posted : 4/24/2017 2:54:55 PM
Posted by : PSpoelman@ColoradoCollege.edu
Subject : Tutt Library moving back into remodeled building

Abstract :

Dear Faculty,

Library staff have been planning the move back into the remodeled 
library.  These plans are contingent on construction finishing on 
time.  The date for that is set for after commencement in May.  How 
will this affect you and the campus?  (please see longer message for 

Full Message :

Immediately after the building is approved for occupancy, the library staff 
offices and departments will be moving.  This is scheduled for May 23 – 29.  
During this time:
•Library services will be suspended.  
•Staff will not have access to office phones and computers.    
•Please contact liaison librarians prior to this if there are concerns and 
needs for Block A. 
•Please return books in the book drop.
•Library services will resume in their new locations on May 30.

The red Request Item button will be turned on in the Tiger catalog for all 
items after commencement.  This will last until all the books and library 
collections have moved.  The stacks will be closed while the collections are 
being moved.  The collections should be moved by the end of July.
•The priority is for those items in Tutt South to move first:   
Special Collections, reference, oversized, folio, thesis, art room, and 
government publications.  
•Once staff and materials are out of the building, the building will be 
demolished.  This is set for the end of June. 
•Requested items will be held at the circulation desk.  During the move, there 
may be times when items are not immediately available for retrieval.  It may 
take a little longer to fill requests than it has been during the academic year.
•Requests can continue to be made in Prospector.

Time line
May 22                          Commencement
May 23-29                       Library staff offices moving; library closed
May 30                          Library services resume
May 31                          Block A starts
May 24 – June                   Collections in Tutt South moving into the new 
May-July                        Request all library items and pick up at the 
circulation desk
June – July                     Collections moving from Creekside into the new 

As long as the construction schedule proceeds as expected, this plan will be 
If you have any questions or concerns about services and library access, please 
contact your liaison librarian.