Date Posted : 4/24/2017 5:41:27 PM
Posted by : shanchuan.yin2@ColoradoCollege.edu
Subject : Anthropology Senior Presentation Day, Thur.April 27, 12:30pm

Abstract :

Come to celebrate with us on the Class of 2017's Anthropology Senior Presentation 
Day this Thursday, April 27 starting at 12:15pm! It's taking place at Barnes Science 
Center 412&407. Nine amazing anthro seniors will present their capstone projects 
and share the stories with you. Everyone is welcome. We look forward to meeting 

Full Message :

Elizabeth R. Baker: "The Language and Linguistics of Donald Trump: Condoning and Promoting 
Rape Culture Through Words"
Leslie Dinkin: "Exploring The Influence Of The 2016 Presidential Election On Social Identity In 
Liberal Arts College Students"
Emily Kautz: "Traditional Foodways of the Colville Confederated Tribes"
Morgan Mulhern: "Capitalizing on community: A critical discourse on the neoliberal 
management of diabetes and inequity"
Nina Riggio: "BLIGHTED: Houseless Communities, Gentrification, and the South Nevada 
Redevelopment Project in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2016-2017"
Kimberly Towne: "The Internet's Effect On Language Evolution, People's Reactions, And Why 
One Should And Shouldn’t Care At The Same Time"
Claire Vernon: "A Search for Food Sovereignty: Neoliberalism in Alternative Food Movements in 
Colorado Springs"
Maya Williamson: "What’s In It For Women? : A Case Study Of Akb48 And The Japanese Idol